Vittoria2GO for Swapfiets

Vittoria has implemented the Vittoria2GO subscription service with Swapfiets, the largest long-term bike rental company in Europe that aims to innovate and lead the micro-mobility revolution with their iconic bicycles with the blue front tyre.


This collaboration with Swapfiets provides the innovative subscription model we have been able to meet all needs their with a high satisfaction.

Together we have understood that the major needs were related to:

Puncture Risk Reduction

Operating Costs Predictability

End 2 End responsibility for the full tyre lifecycle

By subscribing to a premium tyre instead of buying it, Swapfiets manages to reduce their operational risks related to punctures thanks to the tyre replacement and refund service provided by Vittoria2GO. The innovative dynamic QR Code printed on the tyre enables tyre-usage data tracking providing predictability, that helps to reduce operating costs.

We are proud to exceed our customer’s need through innovation with Vittoria2GO!

Adventure Tech: The tyre choice of Swapfiets

Vittoria Adventure Tech: performance and durability

The Adventure Tech offers a fast rolling center, transitioning to a mild side tread, for City/Touring performance in a range of conditions. E-bike compliant Graphene compound rolls fast, and when used on an e-bike, extends battery life. Reflective sidewall stripe increases your visibility for oncoming motorists. The Solid Shielding puncture protection layer makes punctures a thing of a past. As with all Vittoria Tech Series tires, the mix of performance and durability add up to a great value!

Vittoria Adventure Tech: 3 millimetres anti-puncture layer

Vittoria Adventure Tech uses a robust and dependable 26TPI nylon construction and a 3-millimetres-thick rubber braker placed between the tread and the casing for increased puncture protection. It features Graphene compounds, offering increased useful life and wet weather performance. Rigid beads are also used, as they are along proven and provide ease of use with inner-tubes.

Find out how this subscription model can improve your business!

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