A More Sustainable World

In EU about 80K tonnes of End of Life Tyres (ELTs) are not recycled, generating approximately 235K tonnes of CO2 Emissions each year. This would require 11.693.400 trees to be absorbed.



Our goal with Vittoria2GO is to help businesses adopting a more sustainable model,
reducing their CO2 emissions.



How can Vittoria2GO help businesses reduce CO2 emissions
thus reducing Scope 3Scope 3 emissions are indirect emissions from sources that the company doesn’t control. These are usually the greatest share of carbon footprint. emissions?

Lower Puncture Rate
Vittoria2GO tyres are more puncture resistant than average tyres on the market. A lower puncture
rate guarantees a longer lifecycle, helping reduce ELTs volume.
Longer Duration
Vittoria2GO tyres, being top tier tyres, have a much longer duration compared to standard
tyres on the market. Meaning reduced tyre production, leading to less CO2 will be emitted.
End Of Life Tyre Recycling
In the monthly subscription fee the recycling process is included. Indeed,
Vittoria2GO commits to recycle all tyres that are no longer usable in order to guarantee a
greener process by reducing waste.



Vittoria2GO tyres turn green, and by adopting a Tyre-as-a-Service Model, giving you the possibility to adopt a
more sustainability-oriented approach.

With the aim of reducing waste, Vittoria2GO has developed the first service in the bicycle tyre market that
recycles tyres once they have arrived at the end of their useful life.


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